Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Two posts in one day. I should get a gold star.

I am taking my life back. Plain and simple. Tonight I realized that there is no real reason for me to agonize over meal plans, deprive myself, only eat things because they "fit". The only thing holding me back was fear.

I am ready to trust the process.

I'm ready to live.

I can eat when I'm hungry. I can eat whatever I want for a snack. I can make healthy choices because that's what my taste buds are feeling, not because it "fits into my allotted carbohydrate bank" or denying myself something because it "has too many grams of fat". It's going to be tough to get used to, and I'm going to need help making food decisions until I get used to making my own decisions.It's actually blowing my mind right now that I can have a gigantic bowl of cereal for a nighttime snack if I feel like it, or put a whole banana in my smoothie rather than 40 grams, or have a s'more...Anything! I can pour a glass of milk or juice without measuring cups, I can live. I can.

There are going to be tough times. This is going to be scary. One thing I do know, however, is that I am so ready for this.