Thursday, 3 October 2013

She VLogs... Again! Oh, and Happy October

So, while I work on my Fat/Skinny/Body shaming post, I have decided to do my very own "Why I Want to Recover" posts in the form of a video blog! I've reached a point in my recovery where I can see what I want to and need to fight for. This list isn't exclusive. I'm sure there's more, let's just say that this is the first draft.

A mini update:

  • Lots of exciting shit coming up -- My brother coming home (October 8th!), Thanksgiving and Harv's Birthday, The Walking Dead Season 4, Attending a conference for Aboriginal Women in Business in the Maritimes (October 16-17!), Another potential 5 km race (my knees have been acting up and I have decided to opt for other forms of exercise until they feel better rather than push through the pain), Choir concerts (I even have a solo, eep!).
  • Weighing myself less and less
  • Bad days are more like "bad moments". They exist, they happen, but I'm able to focus on the silver lining a little more.
  • Mama's Birthday was yesterday. I cooked dinner for my family and even shared a bit of the Mama's mini birthday dessert!
  • I bought myself a chocolate bar. Oh yeah. I'm going to keep it around for when I feel like something sweet. A little chocolate every day never hurt anyone! It's chili and cinnamon organic dark chocolate. I haven't tried it yet but I plan to tonight.
Soooo yeah, expect a proper update soon, and my body shaming blog. Woo!

As always, thank you for being awesome, supporting me, following me on Twitter, sharing my blog, commenting, and all around being amazing, supportive people.


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