Tuesday, 23 July 2013

I'll return


Things have not been so good lately. I think I hit a bit of a rough patch. I mean. I haven't relapsed. I'm far from that. I just think I need to get some priorities in order before I move forward with this whole recovery business (which is proving to have its challenges once again... Though it wouldn't be recovery if it was easy). Anyway. I need to focus on me for a while. I need some serious nurturing and I need to lean on my support system a little more. Get back on my feet, get the ball rolling again, and come back to fight old Eddie. Back with a vengeance, bitches. It won't be a four month hiatus like last time. promise. I'll try to post some updates here and there.

I just want to thank you all for being so gosh darn friggin' supportive. You all rock. You all, in a sense, give me purpose. You allow me to keep writing, to keep pushing, and to keep kicking ass.

A Warrior in need of some serious TLC,

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